Festival role Board Director and Chair

How did you get involved in the festival? I was working in the volunteer centre and Caroline (Maclennan) came in to talk about volunteers. We got talking about festivals and, before I knew it, I was leading the stewards team and it has gone from there!

What makes HebCelt special? I love being involved in making festivals happen. I've been working at festivals for the last 15 years or so in various capacities, but HebCelt is like a family - the people we work with during the festival and all year round are incredible, it's a privilege to be part of the team. Also it is about being involved in something that is relevant to the community I live in - contributing to something that makes the islands vibrant as well as an fantastic range of music!

Best festival memory? Really hard to say. I think for me it has been building a team of reliable volunteers who work hard to make the festival happen. Or getting to stand next to Jeremy from the Levellers in An Lanntair!

Favourite festival gig? The Levellers