19 Jun 2020

HebCelt Memories

We are currently about a month out from when the festival would have been running and my word what a strange time not to be working long, mad, hours making it happen behind the scenes. The shop would have been opening this weekend, all the merchandise would have arrived, posters would be up around town, and our lovely staff in place ready to help you pick up your tickets in advance of the big week. Sigh...

On a positive note, as we have to find the positives in all this, our respective gardens are getting knocked into shape, we are learning how to grow veggies (mostly) and we are getting through the DIY jobs we had been putting off. Now all we need is to be able to see our various family and friends back home again soon, hopefully in the not too distant future.

All that being said we haven't been too forgetful of what we love doing. You may have seen over the last couple of weeks we have started posting #HebCeltMemories on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please do feel free to add in your own HebCelt memories, pictures or even videos into these posts, we would love to see these.

It has been fun making the picture selections that go into these posts, especially the early years you have seen, expect some more of that whilst we build up to festival week. Just a hint, a very small one, that there will be something exciting to come soon! Keep in touch with our social channels.

In the meantime, stay safe friends.

Posted in Blog on Jun 19, 2020